Thursday, March 28, 2013

Financial Fuck myself part 3 - april fools' time

Financial Fuck myself writing experiment – part 3

I went through a year and a half of writing absolutely nothing.  That shit’s fucked up.  I had to unfuck the situation by making threats to financially fuck myself in an attempt to fuck the laziness out of... myself.  Each week I set a goal, I will write X amount of pages on a feature, or sitcom, webseries, whatever.  If I don’t reach my goal, my wallet takes a raping. 


EXPERIMENT 1 – WRITE 30 PAGES OF A FEATURE.  I LOST (came up short. I wrote 20 pages), and had to buy a quarter ounce of weed and give it to a friend of mine for free.  Here's the link to the original blog:

EXPERIMENT 2 - CLOSURE ON LAST WEEK’S CHALLENGE  – SHIT GETS EPIC – GOAL WRITES 10 PAGES OF THE EPIC SCRIPT...    (a chain script concept between 3 writers, of the script being passed back and forth to each other to do whatever the fuck we want to it). Here's the link to the blog of part 2:
WHAT WAS AT STAKE? A deal with 2 people.  $40 on the line for Warren, and a permanent ban on myself to ever try to force my musical taste on Scott again.  That means no more showing upto his house and being like, “Yo, this emo band is awesome!! Here’s their cd”

And him being like...SIGH..."okay, I guess I’ll listen to it."

RESULT – I WON, MOTHERFUCKERS! Scott, I’ll burn a CD of The Menzingers next time I see you.  They’re fucking awesome! They’re like a punk rock version of the Tragically Hip. 
The count for now is
1 win

1 loss

In the previous blog, I had talked about how the script started out with a twilight zone-ish concept.  Then it soon became a competition of who can out-farce who, who can write the most fucked up, darkest, disgusting, offensive material.  Scott and Warren know my humor very well by now, but I’m hoping my latest entry still manages to get a shock reaction out of them. 

This entry was a double edged sword.  On one hand, I think what I wrote was absolutely fucking hilarious and much funnier than the stuff I wrote last week.  On the flip side, I am also genuinely embarrassed about what I wrote.  If Scott and Warren are the only 2 people who ever read my 10 pages, that’s cool with me. 

I think I’m fucked.  I’ll be honest.  It’s already Thursday, and I haven’t started.  Anyways, I made a deal on Monday with the same friend from challenge 1, but this time with an HQ of weed on the line.  Because I’m only giving myself a week, I’m not putting $65 on the line again; especially with my last paycheque sucking balls. 

Anyways, the deal was that I had to either write the pilot to my sitcom (22 pages) or a short film and it’s due on April 1, 11:59 PM.  Yes, it’s April Fools day.  What should a script delivered on April fools be like? I don’t know.  I’m going to think about this one.  Maybe I’ll write a short about April Fools. 

My next deadline after that should be might be April 20.

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