Monday, May 31, 2010

No Pixar! Not you guys too!

It looks like the day has finally come that Pixar have become sell outs. For the longest time, they seemed like a studio with a lot of integrity. They were always thinking outside the box, wanting to tell a creative, original story. In all their movie releases, they only opted to make one sequel which was Toy Story 2, which seemed more creatively motivated than being an easy money grab. Almost every Pixar movie has felt like so much passion and heart went into it. No wonder why Pixar typically sweeps the Oscars with ease.

But, the truth is that Pixar is under Disney's control. I guess we should have seen the day coming. It's fucking Disney for crying out loud. Not only is Toy Story 3 coming out, but Pixar has also announced that they're making sequels to not only Monsters Inc, but also Cars. As someone pointed out, perhaps the reason is that Disney can make fuckloads of money on making toys for the movies. Is this what Pixar really wanted? Is Disney like a rich scary pimp who used to let his clients roam free and do whatever, but now he's cracking down, enforcing strict rules and delivering vicious pimp slaps to his clients for not complying? Especially Cars come on! Yeah, let's make a sequel to the most mediocre Pixar movie of all time. A studio going sequel crazy is the first sign of a once creative studio with lots of integrity selling out. Who knows? Sequels = easy money. I wish audiences would stop falling for it. The best recent example is Shrek 4...a shamelessly, lazily written, creatively unmotivated money grab...a half assed effort which grossed $70 million on its opening week-end. Yes, it made less than 3, but I wish it bombed big time to send a message that we're tired of this shit.

Let's take a look at one of Pixar's projects that was cancelled. From wikipedia:

"Newt was a film project announced by Pixar in 2008 that was supposed to be distributed by Walt Disney Pictures in 2012. The film focused on the last two blue-footed newts in existence; they are destined to mate to save their species from extinction, but circumstances make the situation more complicated. Writer and director Gary Rydstrom explained, "Newt is smart but he's never had to think for himself and is pampered. Brooke on the other hand is streetwise and not to be messed with. It’s fair to say it’s about as bad as first dates can get!"

What a brilliant concept!! Wouldn't you much rather see this than fucking Cars 2 and Monsters Inc 2? But, I suppose that the sounds of cash registers ringing was not too loud on this one premise.

I'm afraid of Pixar turning into another Dreamworks Animations which lost its integrity a long time ago. I really hope I'm wrong and there's a creative reason for making those sequels, but come on...nothing about the originals screamed for a sequel. Toy Story 3 is coming out soon, and we'll see. If Toy Story 3 really delivers, then I'll have more hope for Pixar's future. But now, a Pixar release no longer stirs up excitement. It looks like they're becoming just like everyone else.